Friends and neighbors.

Across the country, local independents face daunting competition from chain and "big box" stores. At the same time, local businesses like Beans & Barley, Outpost Natural Foods, Colectivo Coffee, and many others are keeping the local economy and cultural scene healthy. These are some of the local groups and business that we're proud to share the city with.



Local First Milwaukee

Beans & Barley is proud to be a founding member of Local First Milwaukee, a group of local, independent, homegrown Milwaukee businesses. This group—committed to shameless self-promotion—is dedicated to maintaining a vibrant, thriving, local economy grounded in the strength of local independents.

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.

Beans & Barley is pleased to be in partnership with these fine importers and roasters in Walker's Point. They say, "Roasted in Small Batches for Purity and Consistency," and we agree! We serve their coffee in our dining room and you can find it for sale in our market.

East Side Association

The East Side B.I.D. and East Side Association represent Milwaukee's most exciting retail, entertainment, and residential district. Located between Lake Michigan, the Milwaukee River, Downtown, and UWM, we are actively involved in the conscientious development of an enhanced business district designed for people looking for a dynamic place to live, work, shop, and relax.

The Pabst, Riverside, and Turner Hall Theaters

The Pabst and Riverside, and Turner Hall Theaters are local treasures, and integral to the vibrancy of performing arts in the city of Milwaukee. They, along with a number of others, have partnered to increase awareness of the many original, locally owned and community focused businesses here.

Urban Ecology Center

Living in the city doesn't mean being out of touch with our natural environment. In their roles as both students and teachers of Urban Ecology, these folks are a priceless resource for Milwaukeeans. Visit the Center, along the Milwaukee River, just south of Riverside High School at Oakland & Locust.

Axe Mke

Nine Below

Outpost Natural Foods

Beans & Barley and The Outpost are siblings, having appeared on the Milwaukee health food and co-op scene (can you say "hippie"?) at about the same time. Both started out very modestly and grew as customers demanded. Though having grown in different directions over the years, today we enjoy a very comradely relationship, and we encourage you all to stop by.

Riverwest Co-op

We at Beans & Barley admire what Riverwest Co-op has contributed to the community over the years. Taking "Food for the people and not for profit," as their motto, they have grown from modest beginnings and have added a cafe to their ever-expanding store. We love what they do.